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Explore this year's Summer Camp at Topflight Martial Arts.

Safe and fun activities designed to challenge and educate your child.


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Top Flight Martial Arts

5-12 Yrs

Summer Camp

Non-Stop Action!

Each day is full of safe and fun activities designed to challenge and educate.

• Weekly themes
• Field trips to pool, park, and a special field trip on Fridays
• Play time
• Martial arts students will learn new skills, campers with no martial arts background will have a great experience
• Special Topflight camp uniform supplied to all campers

Thousands of families have attributed our program with their child: 

• Earning better grades 
• Experiencing higher self-esteem
• Developing personal discipline
• Learning how to set and achieve goals

Not to mention making new friends and having tons of fun! 

Kids love to learn the physical skills of martial arts, and parents love the positive impact that our life skills program has on their children's attitude and self-esteem. Give your child an exciting summer with a purpose by enrolling in our awesome summer programs!

What to Bring?

Campers are required to bring a lunch and snacks daily (please pack a healthy lunch). Snacks should also be packed for Half Day Camp students that attend the morning session as well. On certain days we may have food options available such as pizza, and if so we will send a note home notifying parents in advance. Students must wear camp uniform for class and field trips. On Park Days campers must wear a camp t-shirt, but are allowed to bring a pair of shorts to change into.

Camp Themes That Are Fun for Everyone!

Week 1: June 5th- 9th - American Ninja Warrior Camp

Students will get to spend the entire week learning what it takes to be an elite martial artist by focusing on Ninja skills, obstacle courses, and fun drills. Balance, focus, and extreme movements only begin to tell the story that will unfold in this exciting camp! We will be doing Ninja Warrior obstacle course runs in the dojo to test your skills. Do you have what it takes to become the next American Ninja Warrior? Can you conquer Mount Midoriyami? There’s only one way to find out.

Week 2: June 12th- 16th - Nerf War Camp

To win a Nerf war, you have to become war! This camp will be focusing on using nerf dart guns as we challenge students in a variety of activities such as marksman courses, squad based nerf games, Zombie Nerf Survival, and all out nerf war. We will also be going over karate skills such as weapon disarms and techniques, as well as how to load and unload some of the more complicated nerf guns that students sometimes struggle with. Students are allowed to bring their own nerf guns to use, but Topflight Martial Arts will be supplying the nerf darts to use at the dojo, so there’s no need to worry about losing your favorite darts. Goggles or safety glasses may be brought for use, but we will have some on hand to be given to students to use as campers will be getting shot by nerf darts during this week. In this war, fun is the secret weapon that allows everybody to win.

Week 3: June 26th- 30th - Movie Magic Camp 1 - Cyborg Ninja Commando 20

Lights, camera, action! Have you ever wanted to star in your own martial arts movie or your favorite tv show like “Kickin It”? Well, now here is your chance as one of our most popular camps returns as we spend the week making our very own martial arts themed movie. Last year we made Cyborg Ninja Commando 19: No Retreat No Surrender, a direct sequel to the previous Cyborg Ninja Commando 18: Ground Zero. Join us this year, as students will learn how to do stunt fighting, choreography, and use their creativity to come up with a short Martial Arts Film where all students will get to participate as we add another chapter to this popular franchise. Where will we end up in Cyborg Ninja Commando 20 this year???? One word…….SPACE, the final frontier. Join us for what is sure to be an out of this world addition to this popular franchise among our students.

Week 4: July 10th- 14th - Video Game Fantasy Camp

Let’s face it, most kids love playing video games, but have you ever wanted to put yourself into your favorite video game? Well now is your chance to take some of the skills of your favorite video games from the big screen to the dojo as we theme each day around a particular video game or video game category and link it to training for a day full of fun. The point sparring tournament fighting of popular games such as Street Fighter, Injustice, and Mortal Kombat, the parkour obstacle courses of Assassin’s Creed, and the creative ability to build bases and fend off hordes of creepers from MineCraft, the wrestling skills and takedowns of WWE 2K, to the squad based gameplay nerf style such as Call of Duty. We will be having competitions each day around the theme to see who can earn the highest score. And yes, we will also have some age appropriate video game tournaments as well to make this one of the best balances between indoor exercise and fun all rolled into one. Get off the couch and into the action by signing up for this camp today!

Week 5: July 24th – 28th - Team American Ninja Warrior Camp

Let’s be honest, it’s fun training to be the best you can be on your own, but it’s even more fun when you train with others. Taking our popular American Ninja Warrior Camp to another level, students will be forming Teams and coming up with a Team Name as they spend the entire week learning what it takes to be an elite Ninja Force by focusing on team based Ninja obstacle course runs, skills and fun drills. We will be keeping score for teams daily and will tally up the totals by the end of the week to see what team is truly the best of the best in this fun twist on one of our more popular camp themes.

Week 6: July 31st – August 4th - Movie Magic Camp 2 King of the Iron Fist (Tentative Title)‚Äč

Lights, camera, action! Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Movie Magic Camp, we have added a second week to give students a chance to be their very own action star. However for this final week of Movie Magic Camp we will be doing a brand new martial arts short film in the style of tournament martial arts movies such as Enter the Dragon, Mortal Kombat, Karate Kid, Bloodsport, etc. The premise: A team of elite Topflight martial arts students must enter a deadly tournament to fight the forces of evil and save the day. Students will have a chance to choreograph some intense fight scenes and use their creativity to form their characters’ costumes and personality as we change up the movie magic formula for this final week to cap off Summer Camp 2017.


Our camp is broken down into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning session has all the ingredients for the serious Martial Artist. Students will be training from 8:30am - 12:00pm with an emphasis on the weekly theme. Each hour of our training will be very specific to the training theme as well as the students’ afternoon curriculum for normal Karate classes.

In our afternoon session, Topflight MA switches gears into “traditional FUN, FUN, and more FUN. A lot of planning, thought and brainstorming went on behind the scenes to GUARANTEE that the children have the time of their lives in Topflight Martial Arts’ Summer Camp.

Students that want to get the Full Camp experience will want to enroll in FULL DAY CAMP, which includes both the morning and afternoon sessions. Students that only want to do the themed portion morning session can do our HALF DAY CAMP option, which includes only the morning session.

• School opens at 8:00am for Drop off and Full Day camp ends at 5:00PM.
• Half Day campers must be picked up by 12:00PM and Full Day Camp must be picked up by 5:30PM

Below is the world premiere of our 2nd Movie Magic Camp TV Show style short film, Cyborg Ninja Commando: The Lost Episodes from 2016. Great job summer campers, you rocked it!


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